Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Love Stamps! Rubber Stamps, Clear Stamps.... even Homemade Stamps...

I love stamps but over a year, I noticed one thing I hate. Yes. Kits. Kits that has stamps in it. I wanted those stamps but does not want the kit (papers, stickers, etc, etc) I have hard time finding the stamp I wanted out of kits. The companies who sell those kits won't sell stamp alone. I am very disappointed because I am not only person who wanted stamp. I found out more people wanted stamps more than kits from Calico Studio, Citrus Twist, Cocoa Daisy and few other subscriptions.

Come on! Why can't you start to sell the stamps and you will earn more money?!? Even you thought of it??? Please try to sell the stamps alone. Many of us did not want kits at all. It is not fair to us try to hunt it down from other people who bought the kits. Please think about it.

I am sure many of you agree with me about this. Sound off your thoughts here!

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