Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Birthday, David

Wow.... what a strange dream. I saw him and he looked.... Mmmm... That dream is puzzling until I saw one post about him. Oh, birthday? Is that why you are waiting for? Here's belated Happy Birthday to you!

Wish you the luck. Hugs. Ofc, I miss you.

I made my own Traveler's Notebook.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hi. Sorry, I am away too long. Life is too short.
Anyway. I was doing some cleaning up. Find brand names for some of my stamps in which I bought from seller without package/info at all. This stamp set that I got is not a set but individual stamp. I looked for some answer on 4 individual stamps that are confused because of their appearances. Which is b, d, p or q (also n and u). Finally I found one website that had images that help. I decided to make this guide to reduce confusion. I copied each image to make whole alphabet. You can use them in any way you like. This is just a guideline for that monogram set. Hope that helps!