Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My DIY Enamel Dots

When I look at the photos in FB group, I wonder about DIY enamel Dots. I checked on Pinterest board for more information. I thought it is cool, fun and cheap way to do on your own. I tried my old perler and failed badly. I bought new set of perler beads and played with them in different temps. First try wasn't good. Paper got almost burned, perler beads got ruined by high temp. Surfaces are not smooth. I tried again with mid temp. Not bad but they become a little burned. I tried again for the third time. It succeed at temp 300 for about 20 minutes.

I baked some more and then tried to double them up. It is bit challenged to line them up with stripes on it. I melted them and they looked bit strange that they crooked a bit. I used some dots on my project life cards.
I tried again with old perler and they finally worked. I could said about 99% became dots-- it took a long time. At temp 300 for more than an hour! That's what you get for baking the old ones.

I also bought glow in the dark pony beads after heard about them being baked. It is bit big than perler dots. I tried them out for the first time at temp 400 for about 15 minutes. It worked perfectly.

I had fun with them and bought a big basket of perler beads so I can have more dots in other colors.