Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Small Tribute to Blue Thunder

This is the one I just worked on...  Few days ago, I somehow remember the old movie. I was sad. I even miss the actor who passed away few years ago. Then it hit me, I can smash about it! I looked around for the photos I need for my page. When I lay them all on page and felt that I am missing something. On the next day, I solved the missing part feeling. I drew helicopter as blueprint (FACT: Yes, I drew Blue Thunder many times when I was young) and add some words to it. I like it. That made it better. Yes. I love helicopter and this is one of my faves. I used the waterfall flip for 4 mini photos of helicopter (I used that waterfall flip on my scrapbook layout before). It was hard to find good sized photo of Roy with Blue Thunder. I found some photos of the helicopter and printed them. It made me smile instead of sad.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mermaid Anya

I saw this cute used stamp up for sale. I bought it. I love mermaid and this unmounted rubber stamp I have in my hand is Mermaid Anya from The Greeting Farm. Yes, this is my first GF stamp. I finally got a chance to stamp her and color her. I saved her until other idea came. I put it on piece of paper to fancy her up. I added pinwheel and yarns and also some half domed pearls.

Pinwheel is actual from Fiskar's paper punch called Jenni Bowlin: Pinwheel and Talk Bubble is also from Fiskar's paper punch.