Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I Like to Document My Annual Winter Wonderland

Getting there... I like my Beanie Anya. I put her on my cover of 
Smash: Holiday book... My hometown decided to hold annual event at Webster lake called Winter Wonderland. They gave hot cocoa, popcorn, cookie, small craft, bonfire and horse wagon ride. They also have Santa for the kids to meet and have their picture taken for free. I enjoyed that. 

This year is 6th annual. I had a busy day on Friday and was not able to visit Winter Wonderland and then decided to go on the next day. It was snowing in late afternoon and I checked to make sure they are still open. I live near that- about 3 mins drive. I don't care. I must have my annual photo with Santa.

I put in all photos with Santa and other things like bonfire, horse, etc. It was nice way to record my "adventures" at Winter Wonderland. I use Christmas lights stickers from EK Sticko. Flourishes and Christmas Trees are from Jolee's. Only couple of thing left to add but I am trying to figure it out first before add to the front. I need to make hole for the part I have to install... so hope soon.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Love Stamps! Rubber Stamps, Clear Stamps.... even Homemade Stamps...

I love stamps but over a year, I noticed one thing I hate. Yes. Kits. Kits that has stamps in it. I wanted those stamps but does not want the kit (papers, stickers, etc, etc) I have hard time finding the stamp I wanted out of kits. The companies who sell those kits won't sell stamp alone. I am very disappointed because I am not only person who wanted stamp. I found out more people wanted stamps more than kits from Calico Studio, Citrus Twist, Cocoa Daisy and few other subscriptions.

Come on! Why can't you start to sell the stamps and you will earn more money?!? Even you thought of it??? Please try to sell the stamps alone. Many of us did not want kits at all. It is not fair to us try to hunt it down from other people who bought the kits. Please think about it.

I am sure many of you agree with me about this. Sound off your thoughts here!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Adipose Plush Pattern

This is my adipose plush.
Someone just asked me where I got adipose pattern from so that she can make a present... It was long time ago... and apparently the website is gone. I was lucky enough to save them. Here's the pattern I used from online but I changed few thing which is not showing (top part and bottom of body corners I turned them into curve shape instead of "L" shape).

See photos of someone else at
Good luck.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hey Girl Mini Album

I made a mini album and was thinking of what to cover the front with... I looked at stamps and saw this girl with pinwheel. Why not? I added her... and then added little paper punch which is red butterfly. I added little gem and glued it to her hair. I add few other things. I like it. It's cute.

If you're curious, this girl is Twirl Anya from The Greeting Farm. Now I am trying to think what to add inside... Mmmm.... Inside the pages have openings like pocket in top and one at side. I can add piece of paper in it or maybe small photo... Wait and see...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Mini Album with Superstar Anya

I made a mini album with Amy Tangerine papers. Then I made some project life cards with those papers too to use for this album. I added some washi to the cards and the front cover of album. I tucked cards in the pocket so that I can add it later to the page. I made cute bead line with my old beads instead of waste them. Why not. You may have noticed couple of old photos of me with my father and my young brother on my birthday. I forgot when that was. Maybe at age 12 or 13. I recalled my dress I wore because my good friend passed away a year later or two.

I am not yet fill it up with photos and stuffs but I will when I have time.
Thank for visit my blog!

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Tea with Ian... and Cyber-Monday Celebration Hop

I saw this Cafe Ian stamp and it reminded me of British stuffs. I thought it's cute. Of course, I do not drink tea nor coffee. I do drink hot chocolate. I decided to stamp him, color him and then added him to my black MOD smash book. Why not.

I would love to visit England again someday.

And also We have

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Good day!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Harry Potter Midnight Magic Night

I went to Barnes n Noble for Harry Potter Magic Night to get the final book of Harry Potter series in 2007. I had to wait until midnight for it. It is not easy to know what's going on around the bookstore since I am deaf. I do not have anyone with me there. It is strange to see some people tried to dress as one of Harry Potter characters- Snape, Hagrid, Lupin, Dumberdore and few others. I wore my Quidditch uniform I made for Halloween. When I saw my smash book in drawer, I thought how about fill up couple pages about it? I did. I only went for 6th book and then 7th book. I never knew about past event for Harry Potter Magic Night.