Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY Baker's Twine

I saw colorful baker's twine online. I was wondering of its cost. Bit expensive for me. I tried to think of idea to make my own. One idea was to twist 2 color floss together.
Then I saw another idea in Pinterest about make your own baker's twine by using color markers.

So I tried this idea. Luckily, my step-father had a spool of twine. I decided the color I saw online was in airmail style. Here's my result. I like it. Cute.

Go to The Frugal Craft for Make Your Own: Baker's Twine.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Small Envelope Album Decorated

I finally got to make my homemade envelope album looks pretty! Of course, I was nervous! It took me several days to make it because I want to go easy and figure out what I really want. 

Here are few pages with stamp arts, embellishments of paper punches and few things like washi tape, tags and note pad.

It will soon be filled with photos and stories (writings).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Small Envelope Album

I tried to create the small album by using the idea from SCRAP-IMPULSE with envelope. Just a warning, it's in Germany language. (use page translation) But it's easy to follow steps with photos. I changed few things to mine with closures by remove metal clasps and replaced with circle closures. The reason I like it that I can store ticket or small information inside the page and close it so that I can look at them again in the future. It's cool.

I used 3 pocket envelopes and 3 letter-sized cardstocks to create this. You can do in any size and any number of envelope and cardstock.

Here's my photos of my album. It's empty. I will add stuffs to it soon and will post it on my blog when I am done. The size of it is about 6" by 9".

Hope you enjoy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Felix and His Space Jump

My friend met Felix Baumgartner and I was curious. I read and am proud of what he did. He did a space jump! What a brave man!

I did a couple of page in orange one about Felix Baumgartner. I found part of magazine online few weeks ago, printed it. I cut a slit (outline of guy with arrow) so that I can "merge" photos with it without "block".
Then added a couple of Smash things: sticky note and washi.