Sunday, November 30, 2014

Smash Travel Kit

Sometimes it is pain to carry what I need for my Smash book... scissor.. tape... glue... pen... etc, etc, etc. I went to the store Ocean State Job Lot and found this cute tote for make-up stuffs for good price. I like the cover so I bought it. It can carry small things and mini Smash book. Regular Smash book almost didn't fit. It just hold the book unzipped. I know some other type can hold regular one zipped.

Not only I have it, I also have carrying craft bag too from Walmart

This I carry pens, glues, ink pads, washi tapes, embellishments, double-sided tape, photos, scissor, phrase roller stamp and few other things.

Do I need another? Well, I bought different one and I use it to carry my watercolor paint set and few things that is not Smash-related.

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